Areas we have served: Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Illoniois, Florida, New Orleans & Nationwide

BYB Event Services is a seasoned group of experienced and skillful workers that can help better assist you when the unexpected happens. We specialize in on-site catering, mobile housing units, mobile generators, mobile restrooms, large scale tents, fencing/barricades and much more!

Missing some of those home amenities? No problem! Our Emergency Disaster Services offers many in-home appliances that can be transported right to you! Amenities such as housing, dining, showers and laundry services.

We also specialize in Drive-Thru Testing. A new addition to our Emergency Services is our Whiskey Distilled Hand Sanitizer Stations. We can provide the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for our whiskey distilled sanitizer, so please reach out to us for the information. Our whiskey distilled hand sanitizer helps protect against germs and viruses. Our customers love it and so will you!