Tent Rentals are Being Provided for Covid-19 Testing by BYB


The Effects of Covid-19 on our Industry

Read on to learn how BYB is providing Tent Rentals for Covid-19 testing. Like all of you out there, Covid-19 has changed how we do things at BYB this year.  Many of our festivals, fairs, company picnics, weddings, and other events have been canceled or put on hold. While we understand that this is a crucial step to help our families and friends remain safe, it has been tough on our business. Even so, we are always eager to get out and work in our communities around the US. Here’s a look at how we’ve pivoted to both support our communities and our business.

  • Emergency Disaster Services

While we are known mostly for our Carnival Rides, Mechanical Bulls, College Events, and Bounce Houses, BYB has always been available to help during crises and natural disasters. This year and in years past, we have provided support in many ways, such as putting up temporary bunk trailers to give people a bed to sleep in, providing laundry services, or even catering for those in need of a warm meal.

  • COVID-19 Testing Tent Rentals and Sites

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing help to our communities with sanitizing stations, office and school disinfecting services, and setting up testing tents.  We are relieved to know that soon we will be setting up vaccination tents to help vaccinate the US from Covid-19.

BYB Event Services setting up Covid-19 Testing Tents
Covid-19 testing stations

Returning to Normal

Like many of you, we do not expect our previous version of normal to exist even after the pandemic. But we cannot wait to see our communities come back together for some hamburgers, funnel cake, slides, and smiles. We hope that in 2021 we can help you plan the biggest party ever.

Thank you to the Healthcare Workers

We want to thank all the healthcare workers who have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic to save lives and help heal the sick. By now, most of us have been touched by this pandemic in one way or another. We realize that without your selfless acts, things could be so much worse.

For more information on Coronavirus 19 please visit the CDC website.

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