Trying to plan a Christmas Party during Covid-19?

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Planning a Christmas Party is always a lot of work. But trying to schedule one during the current Coronavirus Pandemic adds a tremendous amount of responsibility. Many companies are wondering if they should even host a party this year. If you decide not to host one, nobody would fault you for it given the current situation. However, if you are still looking for a way to have a Holiday Party and stay safe, then BYB Event Services and Party Supplies has several options for you.

How can you have a safe meal with family and friends during Covid-19?

CDC guidelines recommend that everyone at your event wear a face mask when going out, except for when you are eating; they also suggest that your guests sit 6 feet apart. Families that live together or come to the Christmas Party together can still sit together. There should be two empty chair spaces between each family or group that arrived together when seating your guests. To accommodate these recommendations, when lining up our tables, we would put two rows against each other so that guests are seated only on one side of each table. Doing this will put plenty of space between guests sitting across from each other.

We still offer our Buffet and other catering options. The only difference is, that this year all plates will be filled by our staff instead of the guests. While indoor dining is still permitted in many areas, outdoor seating is the safest way to share a meal because the guests are not breathing recycled air. Our Large Tent Rentals can help you achieve a safer outdoor environment for your event. Plus, we can add holiday lighting to the tent to really set the theme. We can even set up outdoor heating powered by our generators to keep your guests warm while they eat.

large outdoor tents

How can we exchange gifts and prizes during Covid-19?

Passing gifts from hand to hand the way we traditionally do can come with some unnecessary risks during the pandemic. Instead, this year you may consider offering gifts digitally to your friends and staff. Prizes can still be won with our raffle drum, and winners called out through the PA/system.

Raffle Drum Rental
The Raffle Drum Wheel is great for distributing gifts

What entertainment options are available for a Christmas Party During a pandemic?

This year, instead of the usual games and bounce houses, we recommend you add some live entertainment at your event. Our DJ’s, Magicians, Clowns, Jugglers, and Fire acts can easily entertain your entire guest list without the need to get to close or risk needing to touch different pieces of party equipment. Or, we can turn the event into a holiday movie marathon and set up one of our jumbo movie screens for your guests to enjoy some popcorn while watching Christmas classics.

Outdoor Movie Screen Rental
Watch Holiday Movies with your staff and friends while maintaining social distance

What about pictures with Santa Clause?

Pictures with Santa every year is a tradition nationwide. While the pictures will be a little different this year, they can still happen. One of our favorite holiday picture ideas right now is to put Santa Clause inside our Giant Snow Globe, and guests can get their pictures taken seated in our Santa Sleigh just outside with Santa waving in the background. You can even put your company logo in the snow globe.

Inflatable Snow Globe Rental
santa clause rental
Our Santa is the real deal.

What about Sanitizing at the party?

BYB has sanitization stations that we will strategically place so that your guests can sanitize at any time. Plus, our staff will wear masks and gloves the whole time and additionally help guide your guests around the event and photo areas while keeping them at a safe distance.

Emergency Disaster Services - Hand Sanitizer Stations

Have you been to BYB Event Services Holiday Christmas Party?

We have thrown holiday parties in almost every state. We regularly have them in Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, New York, and Ohio. Have you been to one of our Christmas Parties? Please share your experience in the comments below. If you have a great story to share, maybe we’ll even feature it!

**Please ensure that any events planned comply with current federal, state, or local guidelines. We can help with this too! **

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